The Passage

by Endless Studios

Hack your way through this side scrolling action adventure shooting game

You've landed on a mysterious planet with one mission; find the secret map to locate the hidden bunker. Can you find it? Hack the world to cross perilous lands and the obstacles within. Play to find out if can outsmart the passage.

Αλλαγές στην έκδοση 2.0

πάνω από 3 χρόνια πριν
Εγκατεστημένο μέγεθος~476 MB
Μέγεθος κατεβάσματος102 MB
Διαθέσιμες αρχιτεκτονικέςx86_64

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Make sure to follow the setup guide before installing

flatpak install flathub com.endlessnetwork.passage


flatpak run com.endlessnetwork.passage