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ARX Data Anonymization Tool

ARX is a comprehensive open source software for anonymizing sensitive personal data. It supports a wide variety of (1) privacy and risk models, (2) methods for transforming data and (3) methods for analyzing the usefulness of output data.

The software has been used in a variety of contexts, including commercial big data analytics platforms, research projects, clinical trial data sharing and for training purposes.

ARX is able to handle large datasets on commodity hardware and it features an intuitive cross-platform graphical user interface.

ARX features a cross-platform graphical tool, which supports data import and cleansing, wizards for creating transformation rules, intuitive ways for tailoring the anonymized dataset to your requirements and visualizations of data utility and re-identification risks

ARX is also available as a comprehensive software library with a clean API that delivers data anonymization capabilities to any Java program. The underlying principles, methods, algorithms and data structures have been published in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings

ARX is not just a tool box, but a fully fledged application. All methods have been carefully selected and tightly integrated with each other. ARX provides compatibility with SQL databases, MS Excel and CSV files. Moreover, it supports data cleansing and can handle incomplete and dirty data

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