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CBETA 電子佛典閱讀器2(非官方)

by Meng-Yuan Huang

[中文] 一款電子佛典閱讀器,使用 CBETA APIs。[EN] A Buddhist text reader using CBETA APIs.

[中文] CBETA 電子佛典閱讀器2特色:搜尋目錄、全文檢索、書籤功能、網址分享、離線瀏覽、語音播放、佛學詞典、佈景主題切換、經文分頁、字型調整、楷書字型、直排文字、列印經文/抄經本、跨平台、無廣告、開放原始碼。

[EN] CBETA Electronic Buddhist Text Reader 2 app features: search by categories, full text search, bookmarks, share by link, offline browsing, text to speech, Buddhism dictionary, themes, pagination, adjustable font size, Kai font, vertical text layout, Buddhist text printing, cross platforms, no ad, open source.

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