Play online RTS games with the Spring engine

Springlobby is a windowed client that allows you to download and play a wide variety of games using the Spring engine, a popular RTS game engine. Using this program, you can connect to one of dozens of free 24x7 battleroom servers on the internet that are accessible from our master server.

You'll need to download the spring RTS engine and supply lobby with its installation path. After that, springlobby will let you create an account and you're set to go!

Popular games that use the spring engine are:

  • Balanced Annihilation
  • Tech Annihilation
  • Zero-K
  • Evolution RTS
  • Spring:1944
  • NOTA
  • XTA
  • Lots more developed regularly!

The springlobby home page can be found at https://springlobby.springrts.com/ or you can visit our project page on github at https://github.com/springlobby/springlobby/.

You can find out more about the spring engine and its games at https://springrts.com/.

Changes in version 0.274

5 months ago

Installs over time

Manual Install

Make sure to follow the setup guide before installing

flatpak install flathub com.springrts.SpringLobby


flatpak run com.springrts.SpringLobby