Scrivano for Handwritten Notes

by Daljit Singh

A note-taking application for those who prefer handwriting over typing.

Scrivano is a note-taking application aimed at those who prefer handwriting over typing. It offers a simple and easy to use interface to write down your thoughts and ideas. The app gives you an infinite vertical canvas (but limited horizontal space) without sacrificing the ability to easily export your notes in traditional printing formats (e.g. A2, A3, A4, etc...).

Here is a summary of the most important features:

  • 4 different paper backgrounds to choose from: Plain, Lined, Grid or Dotted with customisable spacing and backgrounds.
  • Grid Snapping: in Scrivano you can toggle the grid snapping feature so that your drawings will automatically snap to grid lines in the background. This is very useful to easily draw tables, diagrams and lines.
  • Automatic filling of strokes: toggle the paint bucket in the toolbar to fill your drawing shapes and strokes.
  • Stickers: save your frequently used symbols and diagrams, so you can easily drag and drop whenever you need them.
  • Insert images: paste or drag and drop any image on the canvas to unleash your creativity!
  • Offline saving: save your notes anywhere on your main drive, so you can manage them however you please.
  • Laser: Scrivano offers a special laser tool to quickly draw over your notes. Incredibly useful when sharing your screen or presenting something!
  • Annotate PDF files: You can import your PDF books, lecture slides, articles and documents to annotate them using Scrivano's built-in inking tools.

NOTE: The flatpak version of the app runs in a sandbox environment and it can only read/write files from these folders: xdg-desktop, xdg-documents, xdg-download and xdg-pictures. If you want to circumvent this for more freedom, you can use Flatseal to override these restrictions.

Changes in version 0.16.16

2 months ago
Installed Size~24 MB
Download Size11 MB
Available Architecturesx86_64
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives 4.0 International

Installs over time

Manual Install

Make sure to follow the setup guide before installing

flatpak install flathub com.github.scrivanolabs.scrivano


flatpak run com.github.scrivanolabs.scrivano