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by mtkennerly
Graphical user interface

Back up your PC video game save data

Ludusavi is a tool for backing up your PC video game save data, written in Rust. It is cross-platform and supports multiple game stores.


  • Ability to back up data from more than 10,000 games plus your own custom entries.
  • Backup and restore for Steam as well as other game libraries.
  • Preview of the backup/restore before actually performing it.
  • Both a graphical interface and command line interface for scripting. (NOTE: CLI is named "com.github.mtkennerly.ludusavi" for Flatpak)
  • Tab completion is available for Bash, Fish, Zsh, PowerShell, and Elvish.
  • Support for saves that are stored as files and in the Windows registry, Proton saves with Steam, and Steam screenshots.

Changes in version 0.23.0

23 days ago
(Built 22 days ago)
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  • Community built

    This app is developed in the open by a community of volunteers, and released under the MIT License.
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Available Architecturesx86_64, aarch64