A web archives viewer

A web archives viewer offering the ability to browse offline millions of articles from large community projects such as Wikipedia or Wikisource.


  • List recently opened web archives
  • List available local web archives
  • List of web archives available to download
  • Print a page
  • Night mode (Darkreader)
  • Zoom controls
  • Search in page
  • History
  • Bookmarks
  • Search a page
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Multi-windows
  • Multi-tabs
  • Random page
  • Sandboxed pages (Pages are isolated from the web)
  • Ask for confirmation when opening an external link
  • Handle the opening of zim files from external applications (Nautilus...)

Changes in version 0.4.2

about 2 years ago
Installed Size~12 MB
Download Size4 MB
Available Architecturesaarch64, x86_64
LicenseGNU General Public License v3.0 or later

Installs over time

Manual Install

Make sure to follow the setup guide before installing

flatpak install flathub com.github.birros.WebArchives


flatpak run com.github.birros.WebArchives