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KeyForge Master

by KeyForge

Configurator for KeyForge devices

KeyForge Master configurator is a intuitive software that lets you create custom macros and assign predefined shortcuts, turning your KeyForge device into a tailored productivity powerhouse.

Work smarter, not harder.

  • Intuitive: Easy to use, clean design. Customize your device in no time.
  • Versatile: Multiple predefined actions to choose from. Also you can create multiple configurations for every use case.
  • Complex: You can also create your own custom actions/macros using our drag and drop builder.

You can create multiple configurations for fun and work in the Settings panel. Switch the active configuration by pressing the SK key on your device or using the Settings panel. You can create your own actions/macros using Actions Forge, our intuitive solution for creating macros, developed to boost your productivity.

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  • Proprietate

    This app is not developed in the open, so only its developers know how it works. It may be insecure in ways that are hard to detect, and it may change without oversight.
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