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Android Virtual Pen

by Mathieu Beliveau
Application running on KDE Neon

Capture android pen input on Linux

Android Virtual Pen allows to send pen input data from your android device to a pc host where it emulates a virtual pen. What distinguishes this solution from others, is emphasis on low-latency to provide the best drawing experience.

The Android app itself can be found on the github repo at github.com/androidvirtualpen/virtualpen/releases/download/0.1/virtual-pen.apk and soon on the Google Play Store if you wish to support further development.


  • Adjustable pen pressure threshold such that you can move the pen-cursor without triggering an unintended click/draw action
  • Adjustable pen pressure sensitivity such that you can customize the force needed to be applied
  • Eraser support
  • Switch between stretched and fixed display mode. In stretched mode, the android device screen is stretched and completely mapped to your PC primary screen. Note that this is required to fully reach the boundaries of your PC screen from your device but causes some slight distortion if the screen ratios (android vs PC) are not the same. In fixed mode, if the android device screen resolution fits into your PC screen, the android device display is centered and mapped on the host at a 1:1 ratio. This mode should incurr no distortion.
  • Detects available usb devices and automatically save your settings for each
  • Supports both X11 and Wayland


Start the android application connected to your PC through usb. It should warn that the link with the PC is not yet established. For the link to be fully establish, you need to start the virtual-pen app on your PC which will set your device in accessory mode. On the linux host, launch the Virtual Pen application, select your device (hit refresh if not shown) then enter the device's screen horizontal and vertical resolutions and then press "connect". Upon the first connection, Android should ask you to allow the Virtual Pen app to handle the connection - press ok. Once this done, you should be able to use your pen and see your PC cursor move as intended. Note that this software is still in beta stage and still ought to be tested with various devices.

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    This app is developed in the open by an international community, and released under the GNU General Public License v3.0 only.
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