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Identified substances by mass spectra comparision

Chromatography Data System

OpenChrom® is a vendor independent open source software for chromatography, spectrometry and spectroscopy. It has a strong focus on chromatography and nominal mass spectrometry, but next to GC/MS and GC/FID it has basic support for HPLC-UV/VIS, FTIR, PCR and NMR.

The base version is free and open source software with most of it curated under the Eclipse ChemClipse umbrella. Its numerous carefully reverse-engineered file format converters for vendors like Agilent, Thermo, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Varian, Bruker, ChromTech, Thermo/Finnigan, Waters, CAMAG, ABSciex, MassFinder, EZChrom... are however closed source and have to be installed at runtime accepting the proprietary license terms.

Moreover the Lablicate marketplace allows for the installation of proprietary databases and plug-ins to speed up workflows. These are reserved for commercial customers. Students with a valid university e-Mail can apply for significant discounts on the Lablicate portfolio.

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