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開發者為 Lukas Spies
The main window showing PhotoQt in action

View and manage images

PhotoQt is a fast and simple, good looking, yet powerful and highly configureable image viewer.

It provides an uncluttered interface and can be extensively tweaked to fit ones needs perfectly. It is possible to set key or mouse shortcuts for many of its features and capabilities, as well as for any external script/command.

It supports loading 100+ image formats, video files, and documents. Additionally, it fully supports Google Motion Photos, Apple Live Photos, and photo spheres (including 360 degree panoramas).

The many features provided include: thumbnails, slideshow, color profiles, chromecast, zooming, rotating, flipping, displaying metadata (selection of Exif and IPTC), set-as-wallpaper, simple file management, scaling, face tags (XMP metadata), touchscreen support, and a lot more.

在版本 4.5 中的變更

大约 1 个月前
(建構於 29 天前)
  • 社群建構

    此應用程式由國際性的志願者社群以開放的方式開發,並以 GNU General Public License v2.0 or later 釋出。
安裝大小~434.69 MiB
下載大小141.2 MiB
可用的架構x86_64, aarch64

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