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Sync YouTube playlists to Jellyfin

A tool to convert a Youtube Music playlist to a Jellyfin playlists. You MUST have downloaded the playlist and put them on your Jellyfin before running this app.

This program get all the song titles in your Youtube Playlist and try its best to find the same song on Jellyfin and add it in the new playlist.

This is useful when you sort music by albums, genre or artists but still want to have your playlist after importing your music to Jellyfin.

Recommended format to download a playlist with yt-dlp: /usr/bin/yt-dlp -x --audio-format mp3 --prefer-ffmpeg -o '%(title)s.%(ext)s' --embed-thumbnail (YoutubeURL)

It uses the yt-dlp backend for fetching Youtube informations and the Jellyfin API for the Jellyfin informations.

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