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Chat with your friends

FluffyChat is an open source, nonprofit and cute matrix messenger app. The app is easy to use but secure and decentralized.


  • Send all kinds of messages, images and files
  • Voice messages
  • Location sharing
  • Push notifications
  • Unlimited private and public group chats
  • Public channels with thousands of participants
  • Feature rich group moderation including all matrix features
  • Discover and join public groups
  • Dark mode
  • Hides complexity of Matrix IDs behind simple QR codes
  • Custom emotes and stickers
  • Video calls via sharing links to Jitsi
  • Spaces
  • Compatible with Element, Nheko, NeoChat and all other Matrix apps
  • End to end encryption
  • Emoji verification & cross signing
  • And much more...

FluffyChat comes with a dream

Imagine a world where everyone can choose the messenger they like and is still able to chat with all of their friends.

A world where there are no companies spying on you when you send selfies to friends and lovers.

And a world where apps are made for fluffyness and not for profit. ♥

在版本 1.19.2 中的變更

大约 1 个月前
(建構於 大约 1 个月前)
  • 未提供變更日誌
  • 社群建構

    此應用程式由志願者社群以開放的方式開發,並以 GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 only 釋出。
安裝大小~88.49 MiB
下載大小35.63 MiB
可用的架構x86_64, aarch64