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開發者為 Keshav Bhatt

Qt Whatsapp Web Client for Linux Desktop

Feature rich WhatsApp web client based on Qt WebEngine.

Key features of Whatsie:

  • Light and Dark Themes with automatic switching
  • Customized Notifications & Native Notifications
  • Global App shortcuts
  • BuiltIn download manager
  • Mute Audio, Disable Notifications
  • App Lock feature
  • Built in Spell Checker (with support for 31 Major languages)

Other settings that let you control every aspect of WebApp like:

  • Do not disturb mode
  • Full view mode, lets you expand the main view to the full width of the window
  • Ability to switch between Native & Custom notification
  • Configurable notification popup timeout
  • Mute all audio from Whatapp
  • Minimize to tray on application start
  • Enable disable app lock on application start
  • Auto-locking after a certain interval of time

在版本 4.14.2 中的變更

7 个月前
(建構於 21 天前)
  • 未提供變更日誌
  • 社群建構

    此應用程式由國際性的志願者社群以開放的方式開發,並以 MIT License 釋出。
安裝大小~167.04 MiB
下載大小74.36 MiB
可用的架構aarch64, x86_64