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開發者為 Core447
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Control your Elgato Stream Decks with plugin support

An elegant Linux app for the Elgato Stream Deck featuring advanced features like plugins and automatic page changing.

App Features:

  • Elegant GTK4 Interface
  • Plugin support with built-in store
  • Multi-deck support
  • Set background images & videos
  • Set custom icons
  • Automatic page switching (Gnome & Hyprland)

Official Plugin Features:

  • Execute commands
  • Press hotkeys (X and Wayland)
  • Move mouse (X and Wayland)
  • Control OBS Studio
  • Control your music
  • Mix the volume of different apps
  • Switch between audio outputs
  • Mute your microphone
  • Display the current time
  • Send network requests

Supported devices

  • Stream Deck Original
  • Stream Deck Original V2
  • Stream Deck Mini
  • Stream Deck XL

在版本 1.5.0-beta.4 中的變更

14 天前
(建構於 14 天前)
  • 社群建構

    此應用程式由志願者社群以開放的方式開發,並以 GNU General Public License v3.0 or later 釋出。
安裝大小~661.48 MiB
下載大小233.2 MiB
可用的架構x86_64, aarch64