Dictionary lookup program

GoldenDict is a feature-rich dictionary lookup program, supporting multiple dictionary formats (StarDict/Babylon/Lingvo/Dictd/AARD/MDict/SDict) and online dictionaries, featuring perfect article rendering with the complete markup, illustrations and other content retained, and allowing you to type in words without any accents or correct case.

Zmiany w wersji 1.5.0RC2 (8834e4a)

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Rozmiar po instalacji~77 MB
Rozmiar do pobrania29 MB
Dostępne architekturyaarch64, x86_64
Instalacje18 126
LicencjaGNU General Public License v3.0 or later
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flatpak install flathub org.goldendict.GoldenDict


flatpak run org.goldendict.GoldenDict