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Consultants and Contractors

Developers who are interested in publishing their app on Flathub may want some technical assistance with the process of preparing and submitting their app to Flathub. Below, we have some companies and individuals that offer consulting services for preparing a Flatpak build of an app and submitting it to Flathub. Typically, they would support the submission of an app which already has a working Linux version.

All companies and individuals listed below are familiar to the Flathub team, have successfully submitted at least one app to Flathub, and actively maintain at least one app on Flathub. Beyond this, the Flathub team has done no checks on them. Please contact them directly if you would like to know more about the services that they provide.

Hari Rana

Hari Rana is a Flatpak, GNOME and Fedora contributor, the co-maintainer of Bottles and Upscaler and a member of Vanilla OS, a Flatpak-centric distribution. He maintains a number of apps on Flathub, including three Chromium-based web browsers. See his website for more details and contact information.

Mazhar Hussain

Mazhar Hussain is the primary author of Login Manager Settings, a settings app for GNOME's login manager, which is published on Flathub. See his website for more details and contact information.