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Geopard is a browser for the Gemini protocol, that is, a lighter alternative to the web. Use Geopard to browse the space and reach hundreds of Gemini capsules! Read stories, download files, play games...


  • Colors! The browser will have a different color for each domain you visit.
  • Fast (async core + caching): Streams content by default. That means you can open pages even when you have connection speeds of Kb/s. It also caches pages in the history, so you can go back/forward in an instant
  • Can download binary files: The download will start as soon as you open the corresponding link. You can always cancel it by opening another page.

Промени във версия 1.5.0

преди 2 месеца
(създадена преди около 2 месеца)
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Инсталиран размер~4.2 MiB
Изтеглен размер1.9 MiB
Налични архитектуриaarch64, x86_64

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