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by Yunnan Liandi Technology Co., Ltd.

A privacy-first personal knowledge management system, support fine-grained block-level reference and Markdown WYSIWYG

Block editing: SiYuan, the only important core concept is Content block. The content block can be formed through the formatting format, so that we can organize our thoughts and knowledge at the block-level granularity, and it is also convenient for reading and outputting long content.

Privacy security Encrypted cloud, worry-free privacy: Data is stored entirely on the device under the control of the user. Even if there is no network, even if the cloud service is down, it can still be used locally without restrictions. No offline, no notes.

Bidirectional link: Documentation page are also blocks, reducing mental load. All content exists on a block basis, and documentation pages are no exception. Blocks can be converted to each other, splitting, reorganizing and moving do not affect existing links.

List outline: Sort out the main points, logically layered

Multi-device data sync: Keep data complete and consistent

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