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by Hervé Bitteur et al.

Optical Music Recognition (OMR) Application

An Optical Music Recognition (OMR) application, featuring an OMR engine coupled with a dedicated editor.

It recognizes music from digitized images and converts it into computer-readable symbolic format. This enables further music processing by any external notation editor, most notably: digital playback, transposition and arrangement.

Audiveris provides outputs in two main digital formats: its OMR format and standard MusicXML format. It has a graphical user interface focused on quick verification and manual correction of the OMR outputs. Other music editors, such as MuseScore, Finale, or Lilypond, can be used on Audiveris MusicXML output.

Changes in version 5.3.1

11 months ago
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    This app is developed in the open by a community of volunteers, and released under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.
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