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Armagetron Advanced

by Armagetron Advanced Development Team
Fortress game mode: Conquer the enemy circle

3D Lightcycle Game

In Armagetron Advanced, you ride a bizarre vehicle that can never stop and leaves a deadly trail behind. In the most basic game mode, you can only make sudden right angle turns and are trapped with others in an inescapable arena. The last survivor wins.

Focus is firmly on online play. Pick a server that sounds fun from the server browser, hop in, stay and play there for as long as you like with the same people. Online, you will find many variations of the core gameplay principle. There are other objectives than mere survival. In Fortress Mode, two teams face each other. Each team owns a Fortress Zone and needs to defend it while trying to conquer the enemy teams' Fortress. In Sumo Mode, everyone needs to stay inside a shrinking circle to stay alive.

The game supports custom maps (sadly without an editor) and just about every gameplay variable can be tweaked to your, or more likely, the server owner's heart content. Speed, map size, trail length and timeouts are just the start. Even the rigid right angle turn rule can be bent!

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