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by Quakespasm contributors

A modern port of the original Quake engine

Quakespasm is a *Nix friendly Quake Engine based on the SDL port of the popular FitzQuake. It includes some new features, important fixes, and aims for portability and 64 bit correctness.


  • Supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, other unices.
  • Well tested on both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.
  • Well tested on both little endian and big endian platforms.
  • OpenGL improvements. In-game resolution changing.
  • Widescreen FOV (field of view) support and automatic Hor+ FOV scaling.
  • Improved sound support. Support for OGG, MP3, Opus and WAV external music files.
  • Improved game controller support using SDL2.
  • Countless bug fixes, security fixes and other improvements.
  • Support for playing the 'Quake 2021 re-release' content

Quakespasm requires a copy of the Quake game data, at the least in the form of the shareware data file pak0.pak. In order to set this up, open (and if necessary create) the directory ~/.var/app/net.sourceforge.quakespasm.Quakespasm/data on your computer and copy the id1 directory from a copy of Quake there. Quakespasm will notify you on startup if it cannot find or access the game data.

Changes in version 0.96.1

7 months ago
(Built 5 months ago)
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  • Community built

    This app is developed in the open by a community of volunteers, and released under the GNU General Public License v2.0 only.
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Available Architecturesaarch64, x86_64