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An FPS game.

While you're casually working on your PC, you're surprised by a bunch of ants in your PC's inner parts, working hard to destroy them. So you grab your gun and get in there to SEARCH AND DESTROY every last one of them. But be careful... some of these ants were struck by cosmic lightning and now they're HUNTING YOU DOWN.


  • WASD for player movement.
  • Left-Shift for running.
  • R for reloading.
  • Left-Mouse-Button for shooting.

Changes in version 2.1.4

6 months ago
(Built 6 months ago)
  • Community built

    This app is developed in the open by a community of volunteers, and released under the GNU General Public License v3.0 or later.
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Installed Size~88.94 MiB
Download Size58.52 MiB
Available Architecturesx86_64, aarch64