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The Force Engine

by “The Force Engine” Contributors
“Retro” mode: 4:3 aspect ratio and original game resolution, scaled up to modern full screen sizes

A modern cross‑platform port of “STAR WARS: Dark Forces” with mod support

“The Force Engine” is a modernised, reverse engineered port of the “Jedi Engine” used in “STAR WARS: Dark Forces” and “Outlaws”. Currently, only “STAR WARS: Dark Forces” is supported but there are already many technical and quality‑of‑life improvements:

  • Controller support (except in menus)
  • Support for mouselook like in modern first‑person shooters
  • Complete input remapping for in‑game controls
  • Widescreen and high‑resolution support
  • Texture filtering and bloom effects on light sources
  • Subtitles for dialog (including in‑game incidental dialog)
  • Closed captioning for important audio cues in the game
  • Translation support for subtitles/captions
  • A built‑in mod loader

Future plans include built‑in tools for creating mods and maps for the games as well as Outlaws support.

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    This app is developed in the open by a community of volunteers, and released under the GNU General Public License v2.0 only.
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