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Ten Forward

by Sosthène Guédon

Control a NAT-PMP gateway

Ten Forward allows you to request port forwarding to your gateway.

It allows you to create multiple mapping configurations, which can individually be requested. This tool will allow you to run a local game server (minecraft LAN, Mindustry, Stardew valley., etc..) and make it accessible online. It is tested with the NAT-PMP enabled ProtonVPN, and should be compatible with any other NAT-PMP capable gateway.

Changes in version 0.3.0

about 2 months ago
(Built about 2 months ago)
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    This app is developed in the open by an international community, and released under the AGPL-3.0+.
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Installed Size~5.34 MiB
Download Size2.55 MiB
Available Architecturesx86_64, aarch64