by PopoutApps

Creates 3D images from photographs taken with an ordinary camera.

Create 3D images with a phone or camera. Take two photos of a subject and the software will create a 3D image from them. Vertical and rotational alignment of the left and right images is essential for a convincing 3D effect, but difficult to achieve with an ordinary camera. This software corrects it. 3D image formats that can be created are anaglyph (red/cyan), side-by-side and crossover. Several photos can be processed at once and the resulting images reviewed.

Changes in version 1.6.41

30 days ago
Installed Size~178 MB
Download Size34 MB
Available Architecturesaarch64, x86_64
LicenseGNU General Public License v3.0 or later

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Manual Install

Make sure to follow the setup guide before installing

flatpak install flathub com.github.PopoutApps.popout3d


flatpak run com.github.PopoutApps.popout3d