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Unreal Tournament Launcher

by Epic Games

First-person arena shooter

Unreal Tournament is the original King of the Hill in the frag-or-be-fragged multiplayer gaming world. As the undisputed 1999 Game of the Year, Unreal Tournament grabbed the first person shooter genre by the soiled seat of its pants and knocked it around the room with its never-before-seen graphics, brutal edge-of-your-seat gameplay and a massive and varied feature list that gave gamers more than they ever expected.

This launcher sets up the modern native Linux port of Unreal Tournament from OldUnreal. It needs the official game files to function properly.

NOTE: This wrapper is not verified by, affiliated with, or supported by Epic Games.

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    This app is not developed in the open, so only its developers know how it works. It may be insecure in ways that are hard to detect, and it may change without oversight.
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