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by Francesc Busquets

Educational activities and games for school students and educators

JClic is formed by a set of multimedia applications that are used for carrying out different types of multimedia and interactive educational activities: puzzles, associations, text exercises, crosswords, etc.

The activities are usually packed in projects. A project is formed by a set of activities and one or more sequences, which indicate the order in which they have to be shown.

Since 1995 teachers from different countries have contributed to a big repository of educational activities which work on procedures of diverse curricular areas, from kindergarten up to secondary education and shared under Creative Commons licenses.

The JClic suite is composed by this applications:

  • JClic Player: allows students to play with the activities and, optionally, track reports of their work in a local or remote database
  • JClic Author: a visual tool used by teachers and authors to create or modify activities and projects

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