Python IDE for beginners

Thonny is a simple Python IDE with features useful for learning programming. It comes with a debugger which is able to visualize all the conceptual steps taken to run a Python program (executing statements, evaluating expressions, maintaining the call stack). There is a GUI for installing 3rd party packages and special mode for learning about references.

See the homepage for more information, screenshots and a walk-through video.

Alterações na versão 4.0.1

há 9 meses
Tamanho instalado~65 MB
Tamanho da transferência21 MB
Arquiteturas disponíveisaarch64, x86_64
LicençaMIT License

Instalações totais

Instalação manual

Certifique-se de seguir o guia de instalação antes de instalar

flatpak install flathub org.thonny.Thonny

Para executar

flatpak run org.thonny.Thonny