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Podman Desktop

de Red Hat, Inc.
Podman Desktop UI

Manage Podman and other container engines from a single UI and tray

Podman Desktop is an open source graphical tool enabling you to seamlessly work with containers and Kubernetes from your local environment.

Build, run and manage containers:

  • Build images from Containerfile or Dockerfile.
  • Pull images from remote registries.
  • Start, Stop, Restart containers and pods.
  • Easily get a terminal in your container.
  • Inspect container logs.
  • Push images to OCI registries.
  • Deploy and test images on Kubernetes.

Multiple configuration options

  • Manage OCI registries; add, edit, or delete registries.
  • Configure your proxy settings (work in progress.)
  • Configure CPU, memory, and disk of Podman machines (work in progress.)
  • Handle multiple container engines at the same time (Podman, Docker, Lima...)

You can also bring new features with Podman Desktop plug-ins or Docker Desktop extensions.

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