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de Mohammed Asif Ali Rizvan

Wine GUI using Zenity

WineZGUI (pronounced Wine-Zee-Goo-Eee) is a wine frontend for playing windows games with wine easily. It is a collection of Bash scripts for Wine Prefix Management and Linux Desktop Integration for easier wine gaming experience using Zenity.

IMPORTANT: wine-9.0 from org.winehq.Wine needs "winetricks dxvk vkd3d" or install other runners like wine-9.0 or proton-ge from Runner->Download Runner

WineZGUI features:

  • Runs windows games or exe files from file manager.
  • Creates application shortcut for easier access.
  • Separate prefix for every exe file launched with WineZGUI
  • Imports other wine directory from Bottles, Wine, Lutris, Heroic Launcher into WineZGUI and create shortcuts for all found exes.
  • Imported wine directory from lutris or bottles may require: winetricks vkd3d dxvk
  • Backup and Restore prefixes for later use.
  • Runners (different builds of wine like proton) can be used with prefixes.
  • Create Game Bundles for sharing (prefix+game+runner).
  • Open Terminal/Shell supports konsole, gnome-terminal, xfce4-terminal.

Alterações na versão 0.99.13

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