da Steeven Lopes

AppIndicator for KDE Connect

This Indicator is written to make KDE Connect usable in desktops without KDE Plasma, such as Ubuntu Unity and Pantheon. It started as an AppIndicator, but you can send files and URLs easily through KDE Connect with kdeconnect-send.

This flatpak don't come with KDE Connect inside. Make sure that you have KDE Connect installed on system or in another flatpak container, otherwise it's will not work.


  • Indicator in the panel which show your devices, with its name, status, and battery;
  • Menu to request for pairing and unpairing;
  • Menu to start SFTP and open a file browser;
  • Menu to send files;
  • Menu to send SMS;
  • Menu to ring and find your phone;
  • From the device name menu you can get encryption information;
  • From the device status menu item you can open KDE Connect settings;
  • A small program, kdeconnect-send to help sending files and choosing device;
  • A .contractor file, so you can send files from any of elementary OS's applications;
  • A .desktop file, so you can send files from file manager like Thunar;
  • Python extensions for Nautilus, Nemo and Caja, you can send files directly from them;
  • Custom device icons for Ubuntu, Gnome and Elementary OS.

Any desktop that supports KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator icons should just work: – Budgie, Cinnamon, LXDE, Pantheon, Unity, and many others. The only major oddball is Gnome where you need an additional Gnome Shell extension for proper support. After changes on KDE Connect this will work only in KDE Connect 1.0.0 and up which can be problematic on Linux distributions released before August 2016.

Cambiamenti nella versione 0.9.4

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Installazioni nel tempo

Installazione Manuale

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flatpak install flathub com.github.bajoja.indicator-kdeconnect


flatpak run com.github.bajoja.indicator-kdeconnect