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Orion Torrent Client

per Keshav Bhatt

Complete torrent client and streamer for Linux Desktop

Orion is a powerful, lightweight, fast BitTorrent client, with beautiful user experience and fastest video and audio streaming capabilities.

Key features of Orion Torrent Client:

  • Opens magnet links, Torrent files and torrent hashes
  • Stream torrents containing video, audio and images
  • Ultra-fast downloading algorithms optimized for seamless streaming
  • Stream torrents containing video, audio and images
  • Speed throttling to limit download and upload speed per task
  • Built in media player to handle streaming needs
  • Download multiple torrents simultaneously
  • Supports plug-ins: - Torrent host server(create and share files by hosting a torrent) - Torrent search engine plugin - Discover movie browser plugin - Youtube player and downloader plugin
  • App lock (no one can access app without set passcode)

Cambios in le version 3.0.0

about 1 month ago
(Construite about 1 month ago)
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    Iste application non es disveloppate de maniera aperite, assi que solmente su developpatores sape como illo functiona. Pote esser insecur in manieras difficile de detectar, e illo pote cambiar sin supervision.
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Architecturas disponibilex86_64