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od Jeffry Samuel Eduarte Rojas
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Chat with local AI models

An Ollama client


  • Built in Ollama instance
  • Talk to multiple models in the same conversation
  • Pull and delete models from the app
  • Have multiple conversations
  • Image recognition (Only available with compatible models)
  • Plain text documents recognition
  • Import and export chats


This project is not affiliated at all with Ollama, I'm not responsible for any damages to your device or software caused by running code given by any models.

Promjene u verziji 0.9.5

prije 14 dana
(Built prije 13 dana)
  • Community built

    This app is developed in the open by an international community, and released under the GNU General Public License v3.0 or later.
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Dostupne arhitekturex86_64, aarch64