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par Nokse
ASCII Art of an old television

Sketch anything using characters

Draw diagrams, tables, tree view, art and more using only characters. There are many tools and features available such as:

  • Rectangle using multiple line styles
  • Filled Rectangle using border and fill characters
  • Cartesian, Freehand and Stepped line, also with arrows
  • Freehand Brush
  • Text with FIGlet fonts
  • Table
  • Tree View
  • Eraser
  • Character Picker
  • Select and Move
  • Flood Fill

Changements dans la version 0.3.4

il y a environ 1 mois
(Construit il y a environ 1 mois)
  • Construit par la communauté

    Ce logiciel est développé de manière ouverte par une communauté de bénévoles, et publié sous GNU General Public License v3.0 or later.
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