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System Monitoring Center

par Hakan Dündar

Multi-featured system monitor

Multi-featured system monitor

*** Announcement (31.10.2023): End of support for System Monitoring Center ***


  • Detailed system performance and usage usage monitoring/managing features
  • Monitoring CPU, RAM, Disk, Network, GPU hardware/usage information
  • Monitoring and managing processes and services (systemd)
  • Monitoring users, sensors and general system information
  • Supports PolicyKit. No need to run the application with "sudo"
  • Hardware selection options (selecting CPU cores, disks, network cards, GPUs)
  • Plotting performance data of multiple devices at the same time
  • Interactive charts for querying performance data on any point
  • Option for showing processes as tree or list
  • Optimized for low CPU usage
  • Customization menus for almost all tabs
  • Supports ARM architecture
  • Hardware accelerated GUI
  • Free and open source

Notes for Limitations:

  • GPU usage information availability depends on vendor/driver.
  • GPU load is not tracked if GPU tab is switched off (for lower CPU usage).
  • Virtual machines may not provide CPU min-max frequencies, sensors and RAM hardware information.
  • Non-Flatpak versions of the application has higher performance (start speed, CPU, RAM usage).

Notes for Flatpak Support:

  • Flatpak version of the application uses some permissions (like not sandboxed) to access performance/system information of the host OS.
  • Flatpak package of the application may be installed for system-wide instead of user-specific for avoiding source code modifications.

Changements dans la version 2.26.0

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    Ce logiciel est développé de manière ouverte par une communauté de bénévoles, et publié sous GNU General Public License v3.0 only.
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