par JakobDev

A classic styled Minecraft Launcher

jdMinecraftLauncher is a Minecraft launcher which Look and Feel is close to the the good old official Launcher


  • All Minecraft versions are supported
  • Offline mode is aviable after your first login
  • One click install of Forge and Fabric
  • FeralInteractive GameMode is supported
  • Create Shortcuts in the Menu and on the Desktop to directly launch Minecraft
  • For Developers commandline argumnets and a D-Bus Interface are provided

You need a Microsoft Account which owns Minecraft to use this Launcher

This Launcher is completly fanmade and not supported by Mojang/Microsoft

Changements dans la version 4.0

il y a 11 mois

Installations au fil du temps

Installation manuelle

Assurez-vous de lire le guide d’installation avant de l’installer

flatpak install flathub com.gitlab.JakobDev.jdMinecraftLauncher


flatpak run com.gitlab.JakobDev.jdMinecraftLauncher