Visual Studio Code

توسط Microsoft

Visual Studio Code. Code editing. Redefined.

Visual Studio Code is a new choice of tool that combines the simplicity of a code editor with what developers need for the core edit-build-debug cycle.

IMPORTANT: To use certain features in this flatpacked version (like the integrated terminal), please see

This is the proprietary Microsoft build of Visual Studio Code, packaged into a Flatpak. This repackaging is not supported by Microsoft.

تغییرات در نگارش 1.78.2-1683731010

19 روز قبل
اندازهٔ نصب شده~110 MB
اندازهٔ بارگیری99 MB
معماری‌های موجودaarch64, x86_64
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Make sure to follow the setup guide before installing

flatpak install flathub com.visualstudio.code


flatpak run com.visualstudio.code