توسط System76

Flash multiple USB devices in parallel

Write an ISO or other image to multiple USB devices all at once. Easily preparing a bunch of flash drives of your favorite OS with just a couple of clicks.

  • Supports USB 2 and 3 devices
  • Use USB hubs for massively parallel writing
  • Verify your image with the SHA256 or MD5 checksum
  • Check the progress, speed, and success of each device while flashing
  • Open ISO or IMG files from the app, or straight from your file manager

تغییرات در نگارش 1.3.0

بیشتر از 2 سال قبل
اندازهٔ نصب شده~7 MB
اندازهٔ بارگیری3 MB
معماری‌های موجودaarch64, x86_64
پروانهMIT License
پایگاه پروژهhttps://github.com/pop-os/popsicle
گزارش یک اشکالhttps://github.com/pop-os/popsicle

نصب‌ها در طول زمان

نصب دستی

Make sure to follow the setup guide before installing

flatpak install flathub com.system76.Popsicle


flatpak run com.system76.Popsicle