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An Open Source Epic Games, GOG and Amazon Prime Games Launcher.

Heroic is an Open Source Games Launcher. Right now it supports launching games from the Epic Games Store using Legendary, GOG Games using our custom implementation with gogdl and Amazon Games using Nile.

Main Features:

  • Have access to your Epic, GOG and Amazon Games in a intuitive User Interface.
  • Add Games outside GOG, Amazon or Epic Games Store native or not. Even Browser apps are supported
  • A Download queue to download multiple games at once.
  • Install and launch your Windows Games using Wine or Proton. Or Launch your Native GOG Games.
  • Cloud Saves support for GOG and Epic Games.
  • Import Games installed through the Epic Store or GOG Galaxy.
  • Verify and Repair corrupted installations or even move your installation to different folders.
  • Access the Epic and GOG store and also Heroic Wiki directly from the App.
  • Check HowLongtoBeat database to see how long it will take to finish a game. And also check the Metacritic, IGCB or OpenCritc score for the game.
  • And many more features

Current Limitations on the Flatpak:

  • Heroic will not find or use Wine and Proton Flatpak versions. At least for now.
  • For now would be better to use the Built-in Wine Manager to download and install Wine and Proton Versions.
  • It should find Proton from the Steam folder for both Steam Flatpak and non-Flatpak if they are on installed on the library inside your $HOME folder
  • Heroic cannot access /usr/bin so it won't be able to find any wine or proton isntalled there for now.

Änderungen in Version v2.13.0

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