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Play your music elegantly

G4Music is a fast fluent lightweight music player written in GTK4, with a beautiful and adaptive user interface, focuses on high performance for large music collection.


  • Supports most music file types, samba and any other remote protocols (depends on GIO and GStreamer).
  • Fast loading and parsing thousands of music files in very few seconds, monitor local changes.
  • Low memory usage for large music collection with album covers (embedded and external), no thumbnail caches to store.
  • Group and sorts by album/artist/title, shuffle list, full-text searching.
  • Gaussian blurred cover as background, follows GNOME light/dark mode.
  • Drag-drop from GNOME Files, showing music in Files.
  • Supports audio peaks visualizer.
  • Supports gapless playback.
  • Supports normalizing volume with ReplayGain.
  • Supports pipewire and other audio sink.
  • Supports MPRIS control.
  • Less than 500KB to install.

Änderungen in Version 3.5.2

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