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Need to safely store all of your important documents, photos, songs, and files? Easy! With this app you can use the internet to save everything that’s important to you. You can then access those files from any computer that has an internet connection. Use this service to backup your files, share photos or collaborate on a project by sharing a Dropbox folder with whomever you’d like. Create a free account and start saving and sharing today! ** Requires internet.

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Промени във версия 175.4.5569

преди 8 дни
Инсталиран размер~115 MB
Изтеглен размер113 MB
Налични архитектуриx86_64
Инсталирания178 017
Домашна страницаhttp://www.dropbox.com

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flatpak install flathub com.dropbox.Client


flatpak run com.dropbox.Client