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by Pangea Software, Inc., Iliyas Jorio

Save Bugdom from Thorax's evil Fire Ants

The Bugdom was once a peaceful place ruled by the Rollie Pollies and the Lady Bugs, but not long ago the Bugdom was overthrown by the clan of the Fire Ants. After recruiting other bugs to help fight for them, they captured all of the Lady Bugs and are holding them prisoner. The leader of the Fire Ants, the new king of the Bugdom, is King Thorax. Once he is defeated, the Bugdom will return to the peaceful place it used to be.

You are Rollie McFly, the only remaining bug capable of saving the Lady Bugs and restoring peace to the Bugdom. Rollie has been hiding in the Lawn area of the Bugdom and will need to travel far to get to the Ant Hill where the battle with King Thorax must take place. There will be water to cross, bugs to ride, and plenty of enemy forces to defeat, but once the Fire Ants and King Thorax have been defeated, you will become the new ruler of the Bugdom and peace will be restored.

About this port: Bugdom was released in 1999 by Pangea Software. It was a pack-in game on Macs that came out around that time. This port aims to provide the best way to experience Bugdom today. This port was made and re-released under permission from Pangea Software, Inc.

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