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by Vadim Grigoruk (Nesbox)

Fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games

TIC-80 is a free and open source fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.

With TIC-80 you get built-in tools for development: code, sprites, maps, sound editors and the command line, which is enough to create a mini retro game.

Games are packaged into a cartridge file, which can be easily distributed. TIC-80 works on all popular platforms. This means your cartridge can be played in any device.

To make a retro styled game, the whole process of creation and execution takes place under some technical limitations: 240x136 pixel display, 16 color palette, 256 8x8 color sprites, 4 channel sound, etc.

Note: Access to all devices permission required (--device=all) so that gamepads can be used with this Flatpak.

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    This app is developed in the open by a community of volunteers, and released under the MIT License.
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Available Architecturesx86_64, aarch64