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Python Filter Design Analysis Tool


  • Design methods: Equiripple, Firwin, Moving Average, Bessel, Butterworth, Elliptic, Chebyshev 1 and 2 (from scipy.signal and custom methods)
  • Second-Order Sections are used in the filter design when available for more robust filter design and analysis
  • Remember all specifications when changing filter design methods
  • Fine-tune manually the filter order and corner frequencies calculated by minimum order algorithms
  • Compare filter designs for a given set of specifications and different design methods
  • Filter coefficients and poles / zeroes can be displayed, edited and quantized in various formats
  • only widgets needed for the currently selected design method are visible
  • enhanced matplotlib NavigationToolbar (nicer icons, additional functions)
  • display help files (own / Python docstrings) as rich text
  • tooltips for all control and entry widgets
  • specify frequencies as absolute values or normalized to sampling or Nyquist frequency
  • specify ripple and attenuations in dB, as voltage or as power ratios
  • enter expressions like exp(-pi/4 * 1j) with the help of the library simpleeval (included in source files)
  • Magnitude response (lin / power / log) with optional display of specification bands, phase and an inset plot
  • Phase response (wrapped / unwrapped)
  • Group delay
  • Pole / Zero plot
  • Impulse response and step response (lin / log)
  • 3D-Plots (|H(f)|, mesh, surface, contour) with optional pole / zero display
  • Filter design files not only contain the actual algorithm but also dictionaries specifying which parameters and standard widgets have to be displayed in the GUI.
  • Special widgets needed by design methods (e.g. for choosing the window type in Firwin) are included in the filter design file, not in the main program
  • Save and load filter designs in pickled and in numpy's NPZ-format
  • Export and import coefficients and poles/zeros as comma-separated values (CSV), in numpy's NPY- and NPZ-formats, in Excel (R) or in Matlab (R) workspace format
  • Export coefficients in FPGA vendor specific formats like Xilinx (R) COE-format

Changes in version 0.7.1

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  • Community built

    This app is developed in the open by an international community, and released under the GNU General Public License v3.0 or later.
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